Friday, April 29, 2016

Grilled Eggplant - बैगन भर्ता कैसे बनाए

How to Make Grilled eggplant

बैगन भर्ता कैसे बनाए 
Very unique and easy recipe to enjoy with different kinds of paratha, chapati, poori, kachori.

How to make it?

Ingredients - 

One large size eggplant 
coriander leaves
Garlic 10 flakes
1 onion
1 Tomato
5/6 Green chili
2 Tbsp mustard oil
salt to taste 
1 Lemon 
Brush the eggplant with oil
Make few wholes on its body
Fill the wholes with garlic and green chili

Now, put that filled-up eggplant over fire for roasting. When the peel get separated from body then roasting is done
put off fire. Take the peel off the eggplant body

Thrash it well with salt, mustard oil,  chopped coriander leaves and green chili, roasted garlic, tomato, onion
squeeze few drops of lemon juice over it, mix well.

Serve hot with some delicious paratha!

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