Tuesday, March 7, 2017

DHAKAI PARATHA | Original Dhakai Paratha Recipe

One of finest culinary expertise of Bengal is demonstrated through this recipe - DHAKAI PARATHA! 
Multiple thin layers with super crispy flakes in a hollow puffy bread is just an amazing example of finest culinary expertise!
Very unfortunately, this amazing dish is going to be extinct for lack of expert cooks of this recipe. 
Here is my sincere effort to show the tricks (please see the video to get first hand expertise) of this recipe so that this wonderful dish could remain alive! 

Traditionally DHAKAI PARATHA is served with Gram Dal

Some people like DHAKAI  PARATHA with potato curry

All you need 

Ingredients - 

for 8-10 Dhakai Paratha -

For dough -
500 gm - All purpose flour
150 g Ghee (for leavening)
1/2 tsp Baking powder
salt to taste
Normal water for dough

50-100 gm All purpose flour for sprinkle
25-50 gm ghee for spreading
enough oil for deep frying (see video for oil quantity)

Method -
1. Knead a tight dough like poori or paratha 
2. Make smaller balls from the dough
3. Spread (Roll out with rolling pin) like a chapati (flat bread)
4. Spread 1 tsp ghee evenly over the surface 
5. Sprinkle dry flour and mix with ghee evenly over the surface
6. Cut 1 inch long on a side
7. Roll and make a conical shape
8. Close the wide end of the cone 
9. Cut the pointed end just a little 
10. Now dip this in oil and rest for 30 min covering a wet cloth
11. After 30 min roll this conical shape into a flat bread
12. Heat enough oil in a pan for deep fry
13. Take a ladle, put the flat bread on it 
14. Hold the ladle along with the surface of hot oil, DO NOT DIP INTO OIL
15. Pour hot oil on the bread with another ladle, till it's get swollen
16. Next, gently release it on oil. Flip and fry the other side till golden
17. Your crispy layered DHAKAI PARATHA ready to serve!
18. Serve it with Gram Dal

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